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Love on the Menu (contemporary romance, foodie romance, series, full-length novels, hot)

Love Served Hot (family, coming home, friends to lovers, matchmaker)

  Word Count: 95,221

  Characters: Lilith Montgomery (32) and Flynn Hastings (34)

Red Hot Pepper (family, single mom, single dad, second chances, snowed in, matchmaker, facing the past)

                        Word Count: 94,647

          Characters: Pepper McCann (37) and Drew Fulton (38)


Love on the Menu…Extra Hot (contemporary romance, foodie romance, short novels, standalone, erotic)

Just Desserts (small town romance, coming home, first love returns, coming home, second chances, matchmaker, family, broken engagement, blackmail)

                        Word Count: 46,048

          Characters: Meg Graham (33) and Aidan Rourke (33

Iced Latté (small town romance, family, starting over, instant attraction, arson, merger, matchmaker, second chances, romantic suspense)

                        Word Count: 41,392

          Characters: Calais Shepherd (29) and Kane Hardesty (30)

A Little Appetizer (older heroine, strong heroine, older hero, phone sex, conflict of interest)

                        Word Count: 42,246

          Characters: Lucie Reiter (38) and Nash Granger (39)

The Main Dish (enemies to lovers, instant attraction, broken engagement, marriage contract, marriage of convenience, planned baby, second chances)

                        Word Count: 45,830

          Characters: Ginger Elcott (36) and Mason Hughes (37)

Dressing on the Side (small town romance, second chances, surprise baby, instant attraction, family, single dad)

                        Word Count: 46,919

          Characters: Sahara Whitney (38) and Trace Dennison (40)

Flavor of the Day (small town romance, enemies to lovers, older heroine, strong heroine, older hero, damaged heroine/hero, second chances, coming home, family, rape survivors) **includes bonus content link**

                        Word Count: 41,635

          Characters: Roma Denata (39) and Lucas Calloway (38)


Love on the Menu…Steamed (contemporary romance, foodie romance, small town romance, novellas, trilogy, erotic)

                      Total Word Count: 82,306

Egging Her On (enemies to lovers, older heroine, strong heroine, older hero, single dad, instant attraction, second chances, marriage contract, family, friendship) **includes bonus content link**

                        Word Count: 25,039

          Characters: Lindie Brewster (40) and Blaine Stockwell (39)

Sweetening Her Up (former lovers, family, older heroine, older hero, surprise baby, second chances, secret sister, friendship)

                        Word Count: 29,705

          Characters: Layla Krause (38) and Erik Fielding (39)

Reeling Her In (friends to lovers, family, secret sister, second chances, older heroine, older hero, friendship, abuse survivor)

                        Word Count: 27,562

          Characters: Lee Anne Terrell (38) and Russ Novotny (40)


Death Benefits (paranormal romance, moderately hot, short story, death, ghosts, second chances, reunited lovers)

                      Word Count: 5517

                      Characters: Genesis Blacke (38) and Logan Blacke (40)


The Sextet Presents

Playing in the Raine (ménage, MMMF, sex toys, older heroine/younger men, personal ad)

Bound by Voodoo (ménage, MMMF, friends to lovers, sex therapist, light bondage)


Bewitching Desires (paranormal romance, series, novellas, ménage, witches, curses, erotic)

Two if by Sea (mermaid, spells gone wrong, brothers, stranded in a painting)

Two Knights of Passion (medieval heroes, strong heroine, time travel, dragon)

Two Fated for One (single mom, second chances, warlocks, elementals, secrets)

Two Pirates to Treasure (witch in training, pirates, shipwreck, time travel)

Two Times the Trouble (half brothers, construction workers, danger)

Two Roped and Ready (Old West, Texas, cowboys, time travel)

Two from the Triangle (Bermuda Triangle, time travel, pilots, stranded on an island)

Beyond Bewitching (horse shifters, evil triad, Salem witch, time travel, gangsters, serial killers, redemption)


The Sextet Anthologies (romance, short story collections, assorted genres)

Sharing – Two Many Chefs (ménage, MFM, nerdy heroine, competition vs. cooperation)

Dirty Dancing – Learning Curve (ménage, MFM, brothers, friends to lovers, jealousy)

Occupational Hazards – Wet Her Whistle (ménage, MMF, friends to lovers, science nerd heroine)

Entanglements – String Theory (MF, light bondage, science, nerds, co-workers, research)

Mistletoe & Ménage – A Little Elfin Magic (ménage, MFM, friends to lovers, Christmas)




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